Hello, and welcome to Foundation Futprints,  with the licence to operate as of the 15th of December 2015. As a new foundation we have a lot of tasks and activities to do  in order to get our feet of the ground and any support is always much appreciated !

Please check out our Make a Difference page for more details.

If you would like to support us financially, please donate

account number : 46 1600 1055 1842 1469 2000 0001 , you can also donate via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/futprintspl/ just click the donate button.

Currently, the foundation activities include:

  • Creative cafe – Mondays  10-12pm

Creative cafe is a coffee morning for the women living in a shelter for homeless women and children. The aim of this project is to get to know the women, build up relationships and to look at how we can help them and how they can get involved  with our activities and help others. With the help of volunteers we organise various activities including arts and crafts, boardgames and exercising. As part of this project we plan with the help of the participates to organise afternoon activities for children attending the local youth center for children from difficult backgrounds.

Our community centre at ul. Kordeckiego 5, opened in September 2017.  Here we organise many projects for homeless people and foreigners. Please see below for information regarding what events we organise.

• Polish cafe for foreigners – Mondays 7-9pm.
This is an informal meeting for foreigners to help them improve their Polish through conversation and games. The structure of the meeting is: half an hour is a time for  chatting and explaining what we will be learning – the participants can speak in whatever language is comfortable for them (usually Polish or English), then we have an hour of games and conversation where all participants are only allowed to speak Polish and following this we end with a time for questions and discussion.   We currently have two learning tables one for beginners and one for intermediate to advanced learners. The aim of the meeting is help foreigners living in and around Katowice to improve their Polish and integrate further into Polish society. It also gives the Polish participants a chance to get to know people from various countries and culture through the common language of Polish.

If you are living or around Katowice and would like to join us to improve you’re Polish you are more than welcome to join us every Monday from 7-9pm. N.B. If you want to join our learn Polish facebook group please get in contact.

• Open community centre for those in need

– Tuesdays from 7 to 9pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12 to 5 pm 
Our centre is open for those in need (homeless and jobless).  People in need can visit us and can spend time in a nice, friendly atmosphere, including playing together various games or developing their interests and talents – by painting or reading books. Our centre is a place where people in need can come and feel safe. We try to find time for everyone who comes to us and help them in anyway we can. We encourage all those who visit s to get involved in the foundation’s activities and help others (preparing meals, cleaning, making posters, Christmas cards, bags with the logo of the foundation, exchanging information and support). In addition to the above we provide information on: – the activities of other foundations that help homeless people – courses and vocational training – employment opportunities – health care.

Thanks to your generous donations we can offer those in need; clothes, blankets and sleeping bags.

• 5 O’ clock afternoon tea (English conversation and volunteering meeting) – Thursdays from 5-7pm. 
This is an English speaking meeting where the participants can discuss how  the foundation can help it’s target audiences (focusing on the homeless, elderly, jobless and foreigners), how we can promote the foundation ( thorough various multimedia and events) and  how we can raise funds to help achieve the foundations goals.  The meeting is open for foreigners as well as Polish people. The aim of these meetings is to create the possibility for foreigners to have a real impact on the life of the local community and integration with locals.

If you want to practice your English meet new people and share your ideas please come along.











We are constantly looking for people who want to change the world for the better and passionately want to help others.

In the near future we will also be holding some great events, save the our Activity  and  Facebook page to Favourites/Bookmarks as not to miss out.